The hidden influences to bad skincare – Part Two

Here are two more reasons why your skin is not at it’s best


1. Ignoring a healthy diet: This has been said time and again, however we are not preaching a dukan, paleo or harsh diet for anyone. The french have a saying, “everything in moderation, including moderation.” Following that philosophy for your diet, will help you to limit portions and emulate great energy. Drink lots of water and fruit juices (unsweetened of course), take a walk and keep your endorphins going. This will not just help with a glowing skin, but will add to mood upliftment.

2. Relying too much on product:  I love Estee Lauder, Korres, Bioderma or XYZ skincare as much as the next girl. However, relying too much on products can also effect your skin, as most often than not, your skincare alters every month. Some days, all your skin needs is a plain old organic honey mask to recover from all the product that are piled on it every day. Use simple DIY’s like honey/cinnamon masks, oatmeal/banana scrub to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise in primitive ways. This is a great buck saver and safe for all skin types!




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The hidden influences to bad skincare – Part One

In the blogosphere, many are trying, testing and reviewing a plethora of brands and products to bring you the best of all worlds. The downside of that is very few actually test a product for themselves before buying. Find out your hidden influences that nag you to make the wrong decisions. Here are some culprits to a poor skin condition and what you must do to change it.

Good Skincare

Product with good reviews will work for me: The bloggers who promote a skincare brand online will most likely than now have a completely different skin-type than you. Of course, there are always a few commonalities, for example your skin type can be ‘oily’, ‘normal’, or ‘dry’. However, you might have more sensitive skin, or a dry patches as well. Its good to take advice but, whenever you go out there in the market, always try a tester first and walk in the mall trying to notice how your skin is reacting to the product. This stands true for foundations, face creams, serums, etc. While purchasing cleansers or make up removing products, opt for the smallest size, this way you can try the product and re-purchase it if you like it or avoid living with an unwanted product for months.

Buying foundations online: Foundation is one such product that when it goes wrong, there is no saving it. When it comes to finding the right texture, colour or type for your skin, it’s better to opt for the tangibility of a store. Even if you have bought a foundation before and are re-purchasing, there are multiple things to be weary of. For example, you might be tanner or paler than the last time you wore the foundation, your skin adapts to weather, temperature, and environment. There is no way an online store can tell you if the foundation is worth it. So step in a mall, try the foundation (Do not buy immediately!), step out and let it oxidise on your skin and step in natural light. If it feels and looks okay after an hour or two, grab it.

Ignoring your neck, chest and body: Most women believe, the parts of their body that shows are the only places you must exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise. This is one of the biggest myths. Pigmentation, discolouration or dryness occurs because of an ignored skincare regime on parts of you body. Next time you shop, ensure you pamper yourself with a lush body butter. Use your face cream on your neck and chest as well. Never ignore sunblock for your body, especially in summer, as you are most likely to wear shorter length outfits because of the heat.




Three products for summer dew

Dewy cheeks, radiant skin and sun kissed face are one of the most natural looks to sport this summer. Here are our best buys to achieve this look without any fuss.

 Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Illuminating


This is a life-saving product. The moisturiser glides on to the skin, without any caky-ness. The products have minute iridescent particles that hit the light and provide a beautiful glow. This one is perfect for summer as it contains SPF 20. With the slight use of Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder on your T-Zone, the look can be perfected for eveningwear as well.

Benefit Fine One One Blush


This blush has such gorgeous pigments to create the perfect rosy look for day or a night out. It gradients in three colours; pink champagne, sheer watermelon and soft coral creating the perfect three-dimensional blusher effect. To top of the perfect skin for this summer, check out the next one!

Guerlain’s Terracotta 4 season’s bronzer


The four shades of bronze ensure that you don’t get an awful orange cheekbone. This bronzer is perfect for some serious contouring, but works well to create a sun kissed look. Apply a light handed application on your forehead, chin, hollow of your cheeks and nose with a stippling brush for a well blended look.

Disclaimer: Any third party does not sponsor this review; all products are bought and tested.