Halloween 2013 – Sexy Gothic Vampire makeup

Halloween is upon us and we’d like to ensure you are prepared for the big night! Follow these steps to become a Sexy Gothic Vampire!


Step 1 – Moisturize and prime the skin, and apply facial primer such as MAC Prep & prime for long-lasting makeup.


Step 2 – Use a foundation shade that is two or three shades lighter than your natural tone, or even better mix some clown white face paint to whiten up the skin.

Step 3 – Using a matte gray toned eye shadow and a contouring brush, shade the hollows of the cheeks and the sides of the forehead and the jaw line for a chiseled effect. The grey will give a more vampire look.

Step 4 – Using a dark paint-pot like Blackground by MAC and a fluffy eye shadow brush, buff the color all over the lid feathering it upwards and outwards keeping it very dark around the eyelashes. Add a matte black eye shadow like MAC carbon all over the previous areas you used the dark Paint-pot to further deepen the sockets.


Step 5 – Line the inner rim of the eye with red eyeliner to give a bloodshot effect. You can also add red eye shadow on the lower lash-line to further give this effect of bloodshot eyes. Apply lots of mascara, and if you like, false lashes.

Step 6 – To further define the eyes, fill in the brows to make them look slightly darker than normal with a dark brown eye shadow and a slanted brow brush.

Step 7 – With a very thin eyeliner brush, and some dark blue grey gel liner or eye shadow, lightly draw veins in and around the eye area and also down the neck area for scarier look.

Step 8 – Line the lips with dark red liner like Currant by Mac and fill in the entire lips with your favorite dark burgundy red lipstick. To contour the lips, use a black eyeliner pencil and fill in only the outer corners of the lips and feather it out and blend it with the red lipstick for a dark gothic look.


Step 9 – Set the skin with a light dusting of loose powder for a long-lasting finish.

Step 10 – Use cosmetic grade special effects blood and apply it with a q-tip strategically around the lips, apply your fangs and your ready to suck some blood!

Happy Halloween!

Your Makeup Artist,

Alessia Donato

What’s better than a lip plumper?

Tinted or clear, in the form of a gloss, balm, stick, gel, or pot, traditional lip plumpers “fatten” the lips temporarily. They contain ingredients like cinnamon, ginger mint, wintergreen, or capsicum extract. These items boost blood flow to the lips, leading to mild swelling and redness, sometimes by irritating them.

These are the ingredients that also cause the tingling or stinging sensation.

That feeling, along with the serious shine of many of the plumping products, is what leads to the illusion of a plumper pout, even if it there is no actual physical increase in the lips that can be seen or measured.

Instead of pouring money into products that are not the best for your body, consider three options before buying the pain-plan.

1. The best dressing for your lips is a smile.

It’s healthy. It’s natural. It’s free. A smile is better than any lip plumper, any day.

smile accessory

2. The right color or shine in the right places can go farther.

Have your applied a pretty liner, then blended with a good solid gloss? Try Benefit’s Triple Glammy High Shine Gloss. Not only do you have three stunning options to choose from, but they increase the look of your lips with the perfect amount of shine! Here’s a little tip, apply a nude base, then glam it up with these beautiful glosses!


3. Accept your lips as they are.

We can’t all have Angelina Jolie or Kim K’s pout. That is the simple truth. But we all can have their confidence. These two ladies know themselves. Think of another celebrity who you also admire. We love Kate Hudson, and she has some serious acting chops! Her thinner lips do not stop her from wearing a good lipstick and attracting our attention.


All these alternatives provide much more in return than the money you shell out for lip plumpers. If you are thinking about a temporary solution to smaller lips, be reminded that you are beautiful. No stinging, swelling, or irritation needed.

Benefit Pink October Giveaway


Breast Cancer awareness month is upon us, so what better way to honor Pink October but with a giveaway! ILLUMIN8 has collaborated with Benefit Middle East to highlight this celebrated month.

Win this goody bag from Benefit Middle East!


1. POREfessional, 2. Take a Picture it lasts longer, 3. They’re Real Mascara, 4. Posietint

To enter, simply invite your friends to “like” the Benefit Middle East Facebook Page:


Then, send us a screenshot of your mutual friends with Benefit Middle East’s Facebook page and the person with the most mutual friends will be our Benefit Middle East Giveaway Winner!

  • Competition is open to fans in United Arab Emirates only.
  • Must not be a prior winner.
  • The winner will be announced Tuesday, October 29, 2013.