Beautiful Competition: Jacinda Lovell

What is Beautiful?


Beautiful is the reflection of your inner happiness. It is how you feel when experiencing something that makes you happy and puts a smile on your face. Beautiful to me is the whole package, the look and the energy the person projects.

Beauty is all around us. A peacock seems just a normal bird but when it opens its tail, wow! It struts its stuff and gets our attention. Makeup can make a person feel like a feather from a peacock, giving confidence, and making one seem irresistible. The look and the confidence the person feels and emanates will captivate people all around.

In the history of fashion many artists and styles have attracted our attention, such as Coco Chanel for her innovation of masculine beauty at the time when women started working and studying.


She famously said,

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

Her clothes, enhanced by her makeup, short hair and strong lips made women feel beautiful and gave them confidence, helping them thrive in a burgeoning society. Women were making their own money and started spending it on their personal style. Clothes, hair, makeup, anything that made them feel more beautiful and happier.

Makeup can be simple, making you glow or enhancing certain features; it can be very personal but it can also be a complete change. In any case, it makes the person feel better and more beautiful.

When it comes to your skin there are many products on the market. We all want to look healthy and youthful. I believe in Organic products and good ingredients for the skin but sometimes you do need a bit of technology to get the best results. I love coconut oil but it has to be high grade and organic, it’s great for hair and can be used on the face. Then my must have skincare range is Environ. I have had great results; it really works and helps you look good. So when you put makeup on the skin after applying this product, it looks flawless and you feel beautiful.


I believe you need to start from within; our diet affects our energy levels, emotions, and the way we look. I find going back to basics really works, with lots of water and organic ingredients where possible. A Paleo diet is a great way to eat. The grains, fruits & veggies can have a positive affect on your skin, mood, and energy level.

That energy needs to be focused, and in balance. I’ve turned to Reiki, it has been part of my life for the last 13 years. It helps me to manage stress and to keep a positive perspective on life. I think this helps you feel happy in life.


Beautiful is a way something makes us feel. We have also used the word beautiful to describe the way someone looks so it is a combination of things that help us get there.

Your Author: Jacinda Lovell

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