Michelle Obama Turns 50: How to Apply Makeup as an Older Woman

It may be the official start of middle age that many women dread – but turning fifty doesn’t have to mean that you have to give up. It is still possible to look the bomb and feel great too, with some of our ILLUMIN8 beauty tips. Toy boys – form an orderly queue!

Michelle Obama, America’s leading lady and the most popular first lady since Jackie O, turns fifty this week. This strong and confident woman has to look great at all times, and pulls it off with apparent ease.

She always looks great with her makeup perfectly suiting her outfit, whether she is at a White-House press conference or out with the kids. Any claims of surgery have been strongly denied by the Obama family, so how does she do it?

Healthy eating and regular exercise aside, your makeup routine will change greatly as you age. Skin becomes less elastic and drier, causing you to be forced to change the failsafe makeup that made you look good for so many years, and trade them in for different products.


As previously mentioned, you probably need a change if you are still using the same foundation as you did when you were twenty. Even the subtlest skin changes can alter the look of your skin, and new makeup needs to be bought to accommodate this. What looked stunning and suited your skin perfectly ten, or even five years ago, now looks cakey and settles into fine lines. If this happens, it’s definitely time for a change.


Eyelashes and eyebrows thin as we get older. Choosing a volumising mascara, or perhaps one that is specifically designed for older eyes, is a great way to make sure that your eyes stay looking lovely and full.


When choosing a liner, ditch the old favorite of liquid, as this can settle in the creases and look uneven; it is also more likely to smudge and appear harsh on aging eyes. Pick a pencil in neutral browns instead for a more understated and classic look.


Drooping upper eyelids are another problem – making their appearance hooded. This can be made worse by heavy eye shadow, so avoid that except for on a special occasion like a night out.


Lips are another feature of the face that tend to thin as we get on in years, and lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking can further exacerbate this problem. Special steps can be taken to prevent your lips showing their true age.


When picking out new makeup, always look at the colour and try it on if you can. Do not choose a lip colour or liner that is too dark for your face – that doesn’t look good at any age. Best off to seek advice about colouring in store, or perhaps ask for samples to take home and try.


Going overboard on the lip liner is a sure fire way to make yourself look dated. The mouth is a problem areas for wrinkles, and too much makeup will get caught in the fine, feathery lines. One to be avoided at all costs, only ever buy lip liner that matches your lipstick perfectly.


If you suffer from dry, chapped lips, make sure you invest in a good lip balm to keep your lipstick looking its best.

Let Your Positivity Shine

Whilst it’s true that Michelle Obama has a team of people to make her look good – and all the money she wants to spend on products – there is a lot that us regular ladies can learn from her. Beauty is beyond physical – it is confidence, it is passion and it is excitement. Anyone, of any age, can look beautiful.


We believe that all women should grow old gracefully – and look good doing it! ILLUMIN8 have private classes that are available to teach you how to deal with your skin as it changes with age. Our team of experts can show you the best products to use, and some professional advice that will revolutionize your makeup routine.

5 Must have products for your hair!

5 Must have products for hair

Written by: Samantha Goddard

Over the years of my hairdressing career I have experienced many products, some salon professional brands and some high street brands- Here are my ultimate must haves:


1-     Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum- This serum is fantastic for any hair. No matter what type of texture you have – The technology of the super skinny range is to ensure that it penetrates the hair and disperses water molecules, therefore cutting down on blow drying and styling time. It will leave any hair type smooth, shiny and frizz free – especially when the humidity is high!


2-     Batiste Dry Shampoo- Whether you suffer from greasy hair, don’t have time or you just can’t be bothered with the task of washing your hair- Batiste is a must have! The waterless formulation will absorb any excess grease that is built up on the hair and scalp. This product is also fantastic on clean hair that is fine and limp in texture- a light mist of this product at the roots will help you achieve volume. It is also available in many different fragrances – there will definitely be one from the range to suit you!


3-     Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer- Is your hair damaged, brittle and frizzy and in need of a bit of TLC? If so this is definitely the most essential product for you to have. This pre-shampoo treatment is super rich and concentrated. Its elasticising effect improves elasticity, strength and shine whilst leaving your hair softer, less brittle and manageable. Wet your hair and massage this product into the sections of hair that is needed, leave for 2-3 minutes (10-15 for extremely damaged/brittle hair) then rinse well and shampoo and condition as normal. Use this once a week and your hair will look and feel healthy and shiny. This product also has ‘sunscreen technology’- what a great added bonus!

 Philip Kingsley elasticizer

4-     Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray- This product will give you that ‘just stepped out of the sea look’ or help add texture to any style without the stickiness or crunchiness of heavier products such as mousse. It will leave your hair feeling nourished, smooth and shiny and it also brushes out very easily- leaving little to no residue. This is probably one of the most versatile products that I have used as you can use it on wet or dry hair. You don’t need to use a lot of this spray to make a difference to your style making this very cost effective!

 BandBSurf Spray

5-     AVEDA Control Force Hairspray- I LOVE this hairspray- by far the best on the market. This spray gives a great hold without the typical hairspray feel- It’s airy, will help you achieve volume with any hair type and never leaves residue on the hair, allowing you to restyle your hair again and again. Another major plus with this product is that it’s fantastic in humid climates!


Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day Makeup

Valentine’s Day is coming up and love is in the air! Make sure the day goes perfect, and that you look your best, with these handy makeup tips from ILLUMIN8.

Whether you have a hot date in a restaurant or are going to see this year’s favourite Rom Com, everyone wants to look their best on Valentine’s Day. It is a time for us girls to be treated, and also a great time to try something new with your makeup routine.

And even if you have no plans, treat yourself to these makeup tricks anyway, and leave yourself looking, but more importantly feeling, fantastic.

Here are some makeup tips to get you started – pick one, or all, this February 14th.

Focus on the Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul. Accentuate your fabulous features with a thick black eyeliner on the upper lid, to increase the look of your lash line. Apply it with a liquid liner to create a seamless look, and if you are feeling daring add a flick to really make your eyes pop.

Curling your eyelashes can really open up the eyes, make them seem larger, and the lashes will appear longer and fuller. Adding dark mascara and false eyelashes can further increase this look.

Strong eye makeup is seductive but demure, and suits all eye shapes and colours. It is a classic makeup look that everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Angelina Jolie has rocked over the years.

Vamp it up

Red lips are a daring choice for Valentine’s Day, but it is important to make sure that your lips are in good condition before using a lipstick. Bright hues tend stick unflatteringly to chapped and dried lips, especially if you choose a matte colour.

Use sugar as a light lip scrub once a week, and it will remove all that dead skin from the top layer of your mouth. Finish with lip balm, wait five minutes and apply a lip colour or tint.

Bright red lips have been a beauty staple since the 1920s and it is as popular as ever as a celebrity red carpet favourite.


Give your face cheek bones that Kate Moss would be jealous of with some great contouring tips.

By focusing on the highlights in your face on the main areas; the cheeks, the forehead or the nose, it is possible to create the illusion of striking bone structure on all face shapes.

You can give yourself a sculpted look by enhancing your natural features.

  • When applying contouring to the forehead, apply a darker colour to the temple and a highlighter lightly in the middle to give your face a lovely upper shape.
  • Lightly line each side of your nose if you want to create a thinning effect.
  • Run the highlighter slightly above the hollow of your cheek bone, this can be followed by blush underneath.
  • Add a little dot of highlighter in the centre of your cupid’s bow to make your lips seem larger.
  • Don’t forget to blend!

Kim Kardashian is the self-proclaimed queen of contouring. This makeup technique is a great one to try for those that are perhaps a little more experienced with makeup, because it can be a little tricky to get right. When done correctly, it can look incredible.

Have a romantic Valentine’s Day with these ILLUMIN8 makeup tips. If you want a more professional approach to your makeup routine, visit our website and book in for one of our private makeup classes or workshops.