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Over the last three weeks we have selected and published three talented and aspiring makeup artists to our blogTheir task, in 500 words or less, tell us your view on Beauty. They were not given much in way of requirements or expectations. The goal was to read three completely different articles and preview it for all our readers and fans.


     Natasha’s Article: Here              Jacinda’s Article: Here                 Sheryl’s Article: Here

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Beautiful Competition: Natasha Ahmed

How does one describe beauty?


It is a very individual opinion. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and that is true. Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it. However, there is something so infinitely captivating about a beautiful woman, and that is why so many poets, artists, singers, designers and authors have been inspired by it since the beginning of time.

Everyone has his or her own idea of what makes a woman beautiful, and mine, in a word, would have to be elegance.  It is a woman’s confidence and how she carries herself to face the world that is beautiful.  And we could all use a little help with putting our best face forward and that is where makeup comes in.

My aim when applying makeup on a woman is to make her feel as confident and feminine as possible. I have a very distinctive style, which focuses on a great eye makeup, sculpted flawless skin and an attention grabbing lip.

A perfect palette for every woman. This is my go-to shadow for all occasions!

A perfect palette for every woman. This is my go-to shadow for all occasions!

I begin by perfecting the skin and correcting any imperfections or blemishes with a great foundation. Next I move on to eyes. I could go on and on about eyes, I truly do believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul and the most important and unique feature on the face, with so many endless combinations of colors and shapes, I can definitely say that it is my favorite part about doing makeup.

Get the perfect flick with this gel liner

Get the perfect flick with this gel liner

I usually like to emphasize the eyes with a winged liner and a flirty pair of false lashes; which open up the eye and make them super sultry. If a woman’s hair frames her face, then brows definitely frame the eyes. I love to create defined soft brows with a complimentary brow powder.  We cannot all be born with supermodel bone structure, so the next best thing is some fabulous highlighting and contouring. I like to use both cream and powder products to achieve a sculpted face. Lastly, the lips; which I always outline with lip liner to perfect the shape for a perfect sexy pout and then I apply lipstick and truly, a great lipstick is a woman’s best friend.

MAC's Marilyn Monroe lines has many beautiful shades to offer a plump pout!!

MAC’s Marilyn Monroe lines has many beautiful shades to offer a plump pout!!

I would have to say my makeup inspiration comes from the glamour of old Hollywood, combined with modern trends. These days in the worlds of Fashion and Makeup, it seems that everything old is new again and styles and silhouettes from the 50’s and 60’s are still seen in magazines and runways.

I think because at the root of it all, femininity will always be in.

My makeup muses are women like Adele, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Lana del Rey and Kim Kardashian, very different women from different eras and places who all had one thing in common; they all used makeup to enhance their features so they could go out confidently into the world and make their mark on it…and they all did it wearing a killer eyeliner.

Natasha Photo

Your Author, Natasha Ahmed

Beautiful Competition: Sheryl Porbanderwalla

As Coco Chanel once said,


Fashion, being a mode of expression, is always changing. This rapid pace of change is directly linked to popular culture and socioeconomic happenings around the world. Recently heavy metal, tartan, skirts with high hemlines, low rise and slim fitting jeans and designer sunglasses are all in fashion. Fashion from the 80s is being revived with upturned collars, leggings and side ponytails. It has become fashionable to carry an IPod as an accessory as one walks around. A person’s fashion shapes who they are and how they live their lives.

As a makeup artist my inspiration has been the word of Ralph Waldo Emerson,

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”

To achieve my full artistic expression, my must-haves are:

  1. Personality & Business Cards.
  2. Primer from Laura Mercier/Pore Refiner from Benefit for oily skin. Image
  3. Lip Exfoliator from Body Shop.
  4. MAC Strobe Cream.        Image
  5. Makeup Forever HD Powder.
  6. Aqua Black Eyeliner from Makeup Forever.
  7. 5 Camouflage Palette from Makeup Forever.Image
  8. Rimmel’s Lipstick in Kate – No 1 is the best scarlet red for all skin tones.

Beauty is something men and women the world over worry about and try to achieve daily. Television, magazines and the Internet are promoting the way our society should look. To me beauty is natural and we all possess it in varying degrees. The Egyptians were the first to hallmark beauty and makeup was a conquest made by them and they were very successful at it. Beauty for them was life or death, they would always step out of their homes with their masks on, and that is meant literally! They believed that not being beautiful was a statement of laziness.


The ideal of beauty is flawless skin, thin bodies, shiny hair and beautiful eyes, however to many beauty goes beyond the skin. It is a combination of what is inherent and visual that together it makes you feel good, raises self-confidence, and provides attention towards oneself and gives you pride, making you mostly happy. Being beautiful on the outside is not the battle we need to win; it is remaining beautiful within.

“Beauty “and “being beautiful” are two sides to the same coin. Ones external appearance and strife to achieve a level of visual beauty have a limited reach when making impressions. However letting ones inner beauty shine and reflect in your actions will allow you to make lasting impressions.

sheryl porbanderwalla

My approach to beauty and beautifying people is to look for that facet where their external beauty and their internal beauty meet. It could be their smile, which make their lips their asset. A twinkle in their eyes that make their eyes the asset. Thus guiding me on the feature that would be the focus on my canvas.

Beautiful Competition: Jacinda Lovell

What is Beautiful?


Beautiful is the reflection of your inner happiness. It is how you feel when experiencing something that makes you happy and puts a smile on your face. Beautiful to me is the whole package, the look and the energy the person projects.

Beauty is all around us. A peacock seems just a normal bird but when it opens its tail, wow! It struts its stuff and gets our attention. Makeup can make a person feel like a feather from a peacock, giving confidence, and making one seem irresistible. The look and the confidence the person feels and emanates will captivate people all around.

In the history of fashion many artists and styles have attracted our attention, such as Coco Chanel for her innovation of masculine beauty at the time when women started working and studying.


She famously said,

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

Her clothes, enhanced by her makeup, short hair and strong lips made women feel beautiful and gave them confidence, helping them thrive in a burgeoning society. Women were making their own money and started spending it on their personal style. Clothes, hair, makeup, anything that made them feel more beautiful and happier.

Makeup can be simple, making you glow or enhancing certain features; it can be very personal but it can also be a complete change. In any case, it makes the person feel better and more beautiful.

When it comes to your skin there are many products on the market. We all want to look healthy and youthful. I believe in Organic products and good ingredients for the skin but sometimes you do need a bit of technology to get the best results. I love coconut oil but it has to be high grade and organic, it’s great for hair and can be used on the face. Then my must have skincare range is Environ. I have had great results; it really works and helps you look good. So when you put makeup on the skin after applying this product, it looks flawless and you feel beautiful.


I believe you need to start from within; our diet affects our energy levels, emotions, and the way we look. I find going back to basics really works, with lots of water and organic ingredients where possible. A Paleo diet is a great way to eat. The grains, fruits & veggies can have a positive affect on your skin, mood, and energy level.

That energy needs to be focused, and in balance. I’ve turned to Reiki, it has been part of my life for the last 13 years. It helps me to manage stress and to keep a positive perspective on life. I think this helps you feel happy in life.


Beautiful is a way something makes us feel. We have also used the word beautiful to describe the way someone looks so it is a combination of things that help us get there.

Your Author: Jacinda Lovell