Emirates Woman of the Year…Kate Goodwin, Visionary.


This London girl has transformed the face of the Middle East. Not only have her makeup skills been seen in prestigious magazines for the likes of Harpers Bazaar, on celebrities such as Rita Ora, or photo shoots for Louis Vuitton; but she has spread her name across the globe enticing students from as far as Egypt, Sweden, and even America to attend her Professional Media Makeup Course here in Dubai.


What is a Visionary?

Definition:  “A person who thinks about or plans for the future with imagination or wisdom.”

Kate saw a need to raise the bar of excellence in the makeup artistry field here in Dubai and seized on this chance!

“I saw Dubai as a great opportunity for budding makeup artists to really propel themselves to a different level. However, I found the general professionalism and training was not as it should be for the industry. People would always ask if they could assist me, or where they could get exceptional training. I would send them to London, New York, or LA. That’s when I knew I had to open ILLUMIN8.”

It takes gumption for a businesswoman, especially in the competitive market of Dubai, to be really successful. With her knowledge, twelve-plus years of experience, and overall personability, Kate has launched ILLUMIN8 to the forefront of industry education.

But for Kate, it’s certainly not all about business! It’s about the essence of beauty that comes from within each and every one of us. Since she has started ILLUMIN8, she has also made it her priority to help others.

“I feel it’s important to actually help woman through the magic of makeup. To give them confidence and teach them that true beauty comes from the inside out.”

Through the eyes of a visionary, Kate has started to offer workshops and work intimately with charities that cater to abused woman and woman that are struggling with illness. She encourages woman to let their beauty shine from within, whilst also teaching them how to enhance their physical appearance with makeup in order to raise their confidence level.

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