I Want a Career in Makeup

Makeup is an everyday part of most women’s lives. The cosmetics industry is worth an estimated £15bn in the UK alone, and employs almost a million people. Beauty sells, and those that are talented at the work and have the correct training, stand to make a lot of money.

As a cosmetics professional, you are in charge of styling makeup onto your client in a variety of different ways depending on the job and situation. There are makeup artists for memorable occasions like weddings and proms, or for more publicised events like television and magazines. You can also work on the upmarket beauty counters for companies like Mac or Dior; a lot of these premium boutiques only employ qualified beauty therapists to ensure their staff are incredibly knowledgeable in order to offer customers a top quality makeover at any time.

There are also other career choices within the industry; it is possible to become a skin camouflage expert and help those who feel uncomfortable in society due to facial disfigurements accept themselves, and gain the confidence to go outside and face the world.

Makeup artists have to be creative souls that are willing to collaborate with styles at the client’s request, alongside with what they know will look good. If you have passion and love for all things makeup, and have patience and a willingness to learn, then a career as a makeup artist could very well be perfect for you.

Ruby Hammer, creator of successful cosmetics brand Ruby and Millie, explains why she enjoys her career choice so much; “No two days are the same, I still feel challenged and excited by my job…You have to be professional at all times, be able to get on with lots of different people and build relationships in a short space of time, which can be hard. You’re only as good as your last job.”

Being passionate about cosmetics is a key aspect of any makeup artist’s life. As a career it can be very rewarding helping people to look beautiful and feel good all day long. You also have the option of going freelance once you have received proper training, which has great flexibility and can easily be arranged around family life.

Building up a steady portfolio of clients is key, and the first step towards that is by receiving professional training from an expert in a workshop or class. Lessons like these can create a great base of knowledge, perfect for those who want to make the transition into the makeup business as specialists.

This industry is very competitive so it is important to arm yourself with the best knowledge in the business with expert classes. Taking a course like the one offered by Illumin8 is the perfect answer for training within the makeup industry. Just fill out the enrolment form to start beautifying your career.

Beautiful Competition: Sheryl Porbanderwalla

As Coco Chanel once said,


Fashion, being a mode of expression, is always changing. This rapid pace of change is directly linked to popular culture and socioeconomic happenings around the world. Recently heavy metal, tartan, skirts with high hemlines, low rise and slim fitting jeans and designer sunglasses are all in fashion. Fashion from the 80s is being revived with upturned collars, leggings and side ponytails. It has become fashionable to carry an IPod as an accessory as one walks around. A person’s fashion shapes who they are and how they live their lives.

As a makeup artist my inspiration has been the word of Ralph Waldo Emerson,

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”

To achieve my full artistic expression, my must-haves are:

  1. Personality & Business Cards.
  2. Primer from Laura Mercier/Pore Refiner from Benefit for oily skin. Image
  3. Lip Exfoliator from Body Shop.
  4. MAC Strobe Cream.        Image
  5. Makeup Forever HD Powder.
  6. Aqua Black Eyeliner from Makeup Forever.
  7. 5 Camouflage Palette from Makeup Forever.Image
  8. Rimmel’s Lipstick in Kate – No 1 is the best scarlet red for all skin tones.

Beauty is something men and women the world over worry about and try to achieve daily. Television, magazines and the Internet are promoting the way our society should look. To me beauty is natural and we all possess it in varying degrees. The Egyptians were the first to hallmark beauty and makeup was a conquest made by them and they were very successful at it. Beauty for them was life or death, they would always step out of their homes with their masks on, and that is meant literally! They believed that not being beautiful was a statement of laziness.


The ideal of beauty is flawless skin, thin bodies, shiny hair and beautiful eyes, however to many beauty goes beyond the skin. It is a combination of what is inherent and visual that together it makes you feel good, raises self-confidence, and provides attention towards oneself and gives you pride, making you mostly happy. Being beautiful on the outside is not the battle we need to win; it is remaining beautiful within.

“Beauty “and “being beautiful” are two sides to the same coin. Ones external appearance and strife to achieve a level of visual beauty have a limited reach when making impressions. However letting ones inner beauty shine and reflect in your actions will allow you to make lasting impressions.

sheryl porbanderwalla

My approach to beauty and beautifying people is to look for that facet where their external beauty and their internal beauty meet. It could be their smile, which make their lips their asset. A twinkle in their eyes that make their eyes the asset. Thus guiding me on the feature that would be the focus on my canvas.

Where do you fall on the application spectrum?

Every woman’s challenge in looking successful and sophisticated lies in the correct application of her makeup. She needs to appear groomed throughout the day without going overboard. Applying too much makeup before leaving the house can result in a clown-like appearance. While walking out with too little can reveal flaws that should remain concealed. To achieve the desired, natural look every day, one must fall flat dab in the center of that application spectrum.


Enhance your beauty with four basic makeup rituals for a polished and professional appearance.

  1. The quick cover-up – Conceal all those problem areas with a well-blended foundation. Are you sure you’re wearing the correct colour? Try Smashbox’s perfect Complexion kit offering concealer, foundation and powder in one tidy little package.Smashbox Complexion Kit
  2. Blush those cheeks – Brighten up that face with just enough rouge in the right areas. Be sure to back away from the mirror and check that reflection! For a natural looking finish choose NARS’ Gina. It’s warm palette and silky texture ensures a soft, blendable application.Gina NARS
  3. Dress the eyes – Blending without looking sloppy is key. Don’t forget the mascara! Try Dior’s Diorshow Mascara for professional volume!DiorShow waterproof mascara
  4. Enhance the lips – A dab of gloss throughout the day will revive any face. Choosing a shimmer or a bold colour? Pay attention to your skin tone! CHANEL’s Glossimer offers a wide range of colours to choose from that condition and also have staying power! CHANEL Glossimer Desir

Learn the techniques for applying an all-day, natural look with ILLUMIN8. We offer the perfect workshop to put you back on the right end of the application spectrum. Sign up now for our Personal Make-Up Workshop on September 7th!

Home Made Mask for sensitive skin

Face Mask

This simple mask is very effective for a quick cleanse and exfoliation at the same time.

Inspired from an Indian household staple, this mask is made from Gram Flour which has a clay mask like feel on the skin. It has multiple benefits for sensitive as well as oily skin as it removes dirt and leaves the skin clarified from within. It draws excess moisture from your face leaving your complexion brighter and tighter.


  • 2 tsp. Gram Flour
  • 1tsp. Honey (preferably organic)
  • Milk (for desired consistency)

Apply a thick layer of above on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. At the same time, keep two cotton pads soaked in rose water on your eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Apply a gentle face cream to restore some moisture back into the skin. This step can be avoided if you already have oily skin.

Pro Tip : When doing extensive facial treatments, give your face a break from makeup for the next 24 hours. Helps the skin re-gain full suppleness.